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        2018-12-08 21:33:57

        Tungsten Carbide Ball Nose End Mill

        Material: Tungsten Steel

        Structure Type: Integral type

        Blade Number: 2 Flutes

        Whether coating: domestic coating

        Applicable equipment: CNC Machining center, CNC machine tools.

        Not suitable for ordinary milling machine.

        Applicable materials: can give full play to the processing center high-speed, high-precision performance.

        Used in the processing of precision parts such as electronic parts.

        Processed materials: 45HRC is suitable for the processing of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and ductile iron below 40HRC.

        55HRC products can also be processed 50HRC below the pre-hard steel, hardened steel.

        Profiling processing,

        Mold Cavity processing

        Star slot Processing

        We have advanced CNC grinding machine, rich experience in technology, high quality materials, to provide customers with good quality, ensure that the product conforms to the standard data, to meet customer demand.