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  • 2020-03-06 13:37:16

    Method of machining thread with cemented carbide

    A continuous raised part of a cylinder or cone with a specific cross-section and a helical shape. The thread is divided into cylindrical thread and conical thread according to its parent shape, external thread and internal thread according to its position in the parent, and triangle thread, rectangle thread, trapezoid thread, serrated thread and other special shape threads according to its section shape (thread type).


    When machining the thread on the hard alloy, if the accuracy is high and the hole is small, EDM can be used for machining. Now there is EDM with c-axis, do not make fixture, and can make any pitch thread, as long as the thread electrode is processed well.


    If higher precision is needed, it can only be processed by internal thread grinder, which can grind different specifications of thread, and the efficiency is higher than that of electric pulse, and the size is better to control.


    The advantages of thread rolling are: the surface roughness is less than turning, milling and grinding; the hardness and hardness of the thread surface after rolling are due to chemical cooling; the material utilization rate is high; the productivity is doubled than that of cutting, and it is easy to realize automation; the service life of rolling die is very long. However, the hardness of the workpiece material is not more than hrc40, the accuracy of the blank size is required to be high, the accuracy and hardness of the rolling die are also required to be high, so it is difficult to manufacture the die, and it is not suitable for the thread with asymmetric rolling Profile.

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