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  • 2019-12-18 16:15:58

    Is tungsten carbide nanoparticles / tungsten carbide powder toxic to human health?

    Tungsten carbide is a kind of hard alloy material. In industrial production, the most commonly used raw material of tungsten carbide is tungsten carbide powder, which is used in many tungsten carbide technologies, including tungsten carbide spraying technology. But we all know that general dust is harmful to human body. So, does tungsten carbide powder, that is, tungsten carbide nanoparticles, also harm human body What about it? Let's let the professional Tungsten Carbide Spray manufacturer - Taizhou Harris do a simple analysis for you.


    Chemical and physical studies abroad show that WC powder can be stabilized by albumin or serum in nutrient solution. Adding albumin to nutrient solution can be studied under the condition close to human body. The absorption of WC nanoparticles can be detected by electron microscope.


    Subsequent biological tests showed that tungsten carbide nanoparticles alone were not toxic.


    In fact, tungsten carbide is widely used in many occasions, especially in some consumer industries, such as making rings, because it has no side effects on human body.


    In addition, there is also a kind of tungsten carbide powder, which is added with cobalt element, that is, tungsten carbide cobalt nanoparticles, which is toxic to human body. However, the toxicity requires a high concentration to produce harmful effects. It is not clear why the combination of tungsten carbide and cobalt will become more toxic.


    In general, for the tungsten carbide powder in daily life, there is no harm to human body, so tungsten carbide spraying technology is also a very safe technology.