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        Tungsten carbide blade

        Tungsten carbide blade

        We are tungsten carbide blade manufacturer from China. Our carbide blade have good quality with reasonable price.90% of our tungsten blade exported to Europe, North America and so on. Tungsten carbide blades are widely used in a number of industrial applications where very sharp cutting are requested. It is well known for durable and wear-resistant. Tungsten carbide is adequate material for producing various kinds of blades because it can withstand rigors of constant use facilely.

        Compared with carbon steel, aluminum or titanium, some customers thought tungsten carbide was more expensive than other materials. However, its durability and mechanical ability to resist pressure makes the extra costs worth it, it’s a proper material for making cutting blades, saw blades or cutting discs.

        If you need carbide insert, please contact with us with help, hope our experienced engineers will give some useful suggestions to your design or help you to find which blades or tungsten carbide inserts you exactly need.